Best Wine Festivals in the World

A menu paired with a glass of wine is an indication of a great day. Have you ever traveled to attend a wine festival? Well, I got you covered. Wine celebrations are festivals that you don’t want to miss, especially in summer. Every wine expert knows how and where to celebrate best wine vintages and new tastes in the industry. Below are the best wine festivals in the world that will leave you hard-pressed to choose.

Boston Wine Expo


The largest wine expo in the United States, America. Boston Wine Expo has over 300 international wineries. Its expansion in different countries has led to the production of 1,800 tastings of wine. The Expo holds seminars where one meets wine experts and learns a few secrets about wine. Celebrity chefs are also featured in this grand tasting.


International Pinot Noir Celebration


It is held in Oregon. Oregon wine has gained prestige over the years due to its pinot noirs. The event was held at Willamette Valley for the International Pinot Noir festival. The event was held in summer. Local pinot producers such as California, New Zealand, Italy, Australia, and France were featured. The three-day event featured over fifty chefs for excellent wine and meal pairing. Once you attend this festival, you will forever love crisp pinot in every braised lamb shank.


Grape Fest


Texas boasts of being among the leading wine producers in America. The Lone State has an amazing fine wine. The annual festival is held in September. It is the largest wine festival in Southwest. More than 250,000 people attend this event to sample the best vintages in Texas such as viogniers and chardonnays. Best wines around the world are also available for sampling. To embrace locality, local flavors are also available. The festival is not only a grape-stomping contest but also a culinary pavilion where people are taught how to cook with wine.


Melbourne Food and Wine Festival


The long festival is held every March in Melbourne. Australia has maintained the interest of wine lovers every year with this festival. The festival is held for two weeks featuring two hundred and fifty tastings. Extra events such as Crawl and Bite tapas trail accompany the festival. A special meal, the world’s longest lunch, is prepared for this celebration. Guest chefs prepare a wine-paired meal to serve about nine hundred people. This lunch is served at a 1,300-foot table! Over one hundred chefs and wine experts come together to share more about global wine and vintage tastes.


Grape Harvest Festival Argentina


The most popular event in Argentina is held in Mendoza. The country internationally celebrates the wine producers in a fantastic style. The festival has been held for more than seventy-five years. The event is held in March for a whole week. A festival queen is crowned before the party begins. The festival features celebrated actors and dancers who narrate the story of the grape harvest. In the end, wine experts and novices admire the excellent taste for Bacchus, the Roman wine god.


With the summer season at the knock, gear up for one of these events for amazing wine tastings across the world.  Let’s belly up.